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Need pipe lining services in Sydney?

Before considering excavating your broken pipe, existing sewer or storm water pipes, give our Sydney pipe lining experts a call!

See how Trenchless pipe relining not only repairs broken pipe lining, but also witness how we deal with emergency pipe relining with minimal to no disturbance to the surrounding environment.

Our Sydney pipe lining experts reline the existing pipe with an epoxy resin-impregnated liner, which forms a new one-piece pipe within the existing pipe. To fix the broken pipe, the new pipe bonds to the old by extruding resin into the original pipe joints. Trenchless pipe repair not only locks the two pipes together, but also prevents tree roots from entering the pipe and growing between the old pipe and the new pipe lining.

Pipe lining is a fast, clean and permanent process. Broken pipe lining repairs can be done in pipe diameters from 50mm to 300mm, and trenchless pipe repair can be anything from 1 metre up to 100 metres.

Sydney's Don't Dig Trenchless pipe lining experts are the people to trust when it comes to pipe repair and sewage pipe relining. Sydney's pipe relining experts have traveled the world to find the best pipe lining systems that can:

  • Fix broken pipes
  • Professionally deal with leaking pipe repair
  • Modify cracked pipe lining to suit our environment in Australia

We offer cheap pipe lining and sewer pipe relining services throughout Sydney including Northern Beaches, East Sydney, North Sydney, Campbelltown, Penrith, Inner West and Sutherland.

Why We're the Best Trenchless Pipe Relining Company in Sydney:

  • Permanent Jointless Liner
  • 50 Years Life Expectancy
  • Up Front Pipe Lining Price
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Environmentally Sound
  • Eliminates Structural Disturbances
  • Impervious to future tree root penetration
  • Provides a solution to the whole problem, not just temporary relief from the symptoms
  • Suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential applications
  • Save Your Driveways
  • Save Your Landscape
  • Save Your Trees
  • Save Your Money

Before Pipe Relining  After Pipe Relining

Why replace all your drainage pipes when you can permanently repair broken pipes without destroying your environment?

Advancements in pipe line repair and technology has led to the development of 'Pipe Relining'. The pipe and sewer relining process have been in use for over 25 years already. "Trenchless" are your experienced, local Sydney pipe lining professionals in this innovative pipe relining technology.

Sewers back up in properties due to aging lines, misaligned joints, root infestation, calcification and ground movement. In the past, this would have cost you thousands of dollars in damage to your home, gardens and paths when heavy machinery was called in to dig trenches to remove broken pipes.

However choosing one of the best pipe relining companies such as Trenchless Pipe Relining, you can avoid the huge expense and inconvenience with relatively fast and cheap pipe relining. You will also have the added bonus that the premium pipe lining materials we use are more robust than the original pipe would have been, so the pipe lining problem won’t re-occur in several years time.

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Case Study #1:

Pipe Relining of Internal Vertical Stacks.

Many people only associate Pipe Relining with the renewal of underground services. This article is to outline another importance of Trenchless pipe lining services where Pipe Relining was utilised to save our clients thousands of dollars and potentially weeks of disruption and inconvenience to residents.

Our client manages a block of 24 units over 6 levels. They had been suffering from continual water leaks originating from the old cast iron and galvanised stack work carrying bathroom grey water, sewer, and kitchen waste from each level to the sewer system underground. The original plumbing within the building had been configured in such a way that each of the 3 wastes where contained within their individual stacks, this was to meet the old plumbing code of practice. This group of 3 stacks was repeated in each of the four corners of the building. Four groups of three stacks obviously creates the potential for a large number of leaks.

Two of these stacks, bathroom grey water (shower, bath, basins) and toilet waste where contained within one cavity, and the kitchen waste was contained in another cavity on the opposite side of the unit.

In meeting with the new code of practice, Trenchless pipe lining experts gave a proposal to our client to reline the 100mm cast iron toilet waste stack from the rooftop to the main line, underground. Reinstate the toilet junctions from the roof top with the use of our robotic junction cutter, and then by accessing the roof cavity within the bathroom of each unit, redivert all the galvanised bathroom waste water pipe work into the new relined 100mm stack. This would eliminate one entire stack from the building, minimizing any potential for future leaks. This would leave the building with a brand new relined pipe, stronger than a new PVC pipe and all this work was carried out by Sydney pipe lining experts with minimal disturbance to residents with only a small access panel being cut in each unit, leaving only small pipe lining restoration costs.

The proposal also included pipe relining of the existing 80mm galvanised iron kitchen waste stack again from the rooftop to the sub floor drainage. The reinstatement of each units kitchen drainage would then involve accessing each unit, removing the kitchen trap and with the use of a flexible hole saw reinstate the kitchen drainage.

In total, our pipe relining proposal would be completed within one week, would eliminate one entire stack, cause minimal disturbance to residents and provide the residents with brand new stack work.

The alternative was to access each bathroom, of which the majority, where fully renovated, demolish the existing stack work to gain access to the pipe work, replace the pipe work and fittings, and reinstate the bathrooms. The time line for a pipe lining project of this size was weeks, with the restoration costs being an unknown, depending on availability of trades and not to mention the availability of tiles, etc.

The pipe lining project was undertaken to renew the first group of stacks, and was completed within time and on budget. The entire pipe repair project was great success, and a program is now in place to continue with the remaining stacks over a period of time.

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Case Study #2:

Reline Alamein Fountain - Kings Cross.

Reline Alamein Fountain

Many people only associate Pipe Relining with the renewal of damaged sewer or storm water pipes. This case study is to outline another successful application for pipe relining.

Our client knew they were losing a lot of water from the fountain. The amount of water was too substantial to just be from evaporation or above ground. After carrying out camera inspections of the sub surface water return lines with the use of our Ibak robotic camera, the need to repair broken pipes became obvious as there were several major displacements within the pipes as well as a broken junction that had been used in place of a bend.

Pipe Repair Pipe Lining

The options faced by our client was to either take the fountain out of action for an unknown period of time whilst they excavated the defective areas, replace the pipe work and then rebuild the water feature, re-water proof and then retile the fountain, or to use pipe relining technique that will restore the entire fountain return line drainage through one very small excavation and the available pipe access within the holding tank.


The pipe lining project involved the installation of 3 X one piece epoxy resin impregnated liners within the existing 100 & 150mm drainage return lines, reinstate the water return pipe junctions with the use of our robotic junction cutter and install resin impregnated patch repair liners into the vertical copper / cast iron vertical risers into the fountain that govern the water height.

The project was completed within 4 days with no scaring or evidence of the pipe relining work that had just been carried out.

Since completing the pipe lining project, the water consumption of the fountain has reduced dramatically.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pipe Relining

Question: For pipe relining to be done, what hole size needs to be dug?

Answer: The size of hole will be dug depending on how the present pipe is constructed as well as the style of pipe relining that will be used for the installation. There are situations when only a small hole needs to be dug but there are also cases when excavation can be avoided 100%.

Question: Will the size of the pipe diameter decreased?

Answer: There may be a size difference on the overall diameter of the pipe but only by 6mm. The reduction of pipe diameter is very minimal that it will not affect the pipe’s capacity at all. Pipe relining may even be beneficial because aside from leaking pipe repair, the new pipe lining will create a smoother surface that will facilitate better flow-rate and self-cleansing properties.

Question: Is there a maximum diameter and length for pipe relining?

Answer: We can treat and fix broken pipe lines with length of 50 metres and above and from 50mm up to 250mm in diameter.

Question: Is pipe relining limited to sewer pipes?

Answer: Sydney pipe relining offers more than sewer pipe relining. Through our pipe relining services, you can reline pipes without a problem whether you want to do it in a horizontal or vertical manner.

Question: Is pipe relining suitable for bends?

Answer: Absolutely. In fact, a single liner can reline multiple bends.

Question: Can junctions be relined?

Answer: Definitely! With our pipe relining services, installation of complete one-piece junction liner can be done hassle-free.

Question: Is Pipe relining expensive?

Answer: If compared to the whole process of digging up the pipe, replacing the pipe and then rehabilitating the surrounding area, sewer relining is both more economical and environmentally friendly.

Question: Do you offer any type of pipe relining guarantee?

Answer: Sydney pipe lining offers 15-year guarantee for every pipe relining jobs and compared with other plumbers we offer maximum benefits for our clients.

Question: Will pipe relining work even in pipes of various sizes?

Answer: Of course. Pipe relining service can be done on pipes with varying lengths from 100mm to 150mm and 150mm to 225mm in a flawless manner.

Question: For vertical applications, can pipe relining still be used?

Answer: Vertical application of pipe relining can be done for pipes up to 100metres in length and for pipes that were made from various materials including Copper, Asbestos, Cast Iron, and PVC.

Question: Can broken junction piece be relined?

Answer: Yes. The expertise of Don’t Dig plumbers can deal with pipe lining installation using a complete one-piece junction seal in either 100 or 150mm junctions for configurations including 45 and 90-degree applications.

Question: How many years has the pipe relining process been in use?

Answer: For over 25 years, pipe relining has already been in use to fix / repair broken pipes, all throughout Europe and has really proven to be very effective.

Question: If pipe relining is effective, why are there plumbers who don’t recommend it?

Answer: Pipe relining offers innovation and some may show reluctance in offering it due to lack of knowledge regarding the process while other plumbers view pipe relining as a threat in getting clients since pipe relining can also mean a lot of years for lines to require clean up once again.

Question: Are there methods that will help determine if pipe relining will suit my application or if it can solve my problem?

Answer: For accurate results, a camera inspection is used to determine the best method for pipe repair. There are also applications that do not just require pipe relining alone so traditional methods to repair broken pipes are used along with it.

Question: What type of pipes can be relined?

Answer: All types of pipe are suitable to be relined.

Question: Will Roots Re enter my pipe once relined?

Answer: No. Pipe Relining is a 100% joint less liner meaning there is nowhere for the tree roots to enter.

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"Don't Dig" Trenchless Pipe Relining operates a fast, same day emergency pipe relining service for your drain and sewer rehabilitation needs.

Trenchless pipe relining services are offered across Sydney including:

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From home owners, to property managers, councils and local government, our pipe relining solutions are the trusted choice across the greater Sydney metropolitan area.

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